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Integration of Innovation, Science and Technology Enabling Literature and Tourism

2019/10/2 13:53:05
Cultural and tourism integration, cultural and technological integration, and media integration are three major national strategies in our country's large cultural field. In addition to media integration, which is a relatively new formulation under the new situation and new environment, cultural and tourism integration and cultural and technological integration are actually concepts with a long history and continuous evolution.
From the management point of view, culture and tourism have always been divided, integrated and highly integrated.
From a statistical point of view, the two industries are self-contained and do not overlap much.
From the perspective of practice and research, the two industries are heavily integrated.
Although the integration of culture and tourism is an old proposition, we must see that with the new round of consumption upgrade brought about by the design aesthetic feeling, emotional resonance and other cultural values, as well as the formation of a new concept of consumption and experience based on the Internet ecology, the development of cultural and tourism integration has ushered in a new trend and phenomenon: just need for culture, cultural experience, experiencing science and technology.
Innovation can be divided into two basic types: productivity innovation and production relationship innovation. It must be productivity innovation that can produce tremendous value. The innovation of production relations must rely on the revolution of productive forces. On the premise of unchanged productivity level, the innovation of production relations is rootless wood and water.
In terms of content innovation, we should avoid two extremes. One is to avoid blindly "original ecology" and "original taste" in the development and utilization of culture, especially traditional culture. Culture is living and developing. It is difficult for a culture to stand on its feet without modern society and real life, let alone popular among the people.
At the other extreme, they are completely divorced from content, focusing only on business models and transformation. In games, including some scenic spots and other fields, there is this phenomenon. A batch of people who talk about closed-loop and mode every day are engaged in the project of "living tools", "de-craftsmanship", "production line". Few people care about scene narration, cultural connotation and emotional integration.
As a whole, the integration of Wen and tourism should fully respect innovation, encourage innovation and embrace innovation. It will encourage innovation by using the huge market space of cultural tourism, change the market with time, integrate innovation with driving force, and integrate innovation and innovation, hoping that the Chinese culture and tourism industry can go out of a road of independent and controllable and competitive development.

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