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Why do you covet social functions in both directions?

2019/10/3 23:01:10
Last June, the "Virtual Cabin Function" was launched vertically and horizontally. Users can view the same plane's home page to see other passengers'historical flying locations and frequencies. Passengers on the same plane can chat in groups on the seat selection page, click on the user's home page for private chat, and add personalized tags for other passengers. This function also caused some users to worry about privacy at that time.
After last year's user privacy leak, Voyage Vertical and Horizontal made adjustments to social products, which set the default shutdown state. In terms of navigation, it is explained that when virtual identity is opened, virtual identity will be prompted to interact with other people. All contents need to be added or selected manually by users. After opening virtual identity, only users can manually add content to others, and the real personal information can not be seen by others.
Optimized functions set up more privacy protection links, allowing users to take the initiative to choose to use, but it is not known how many users really bother to add and use the function. From the perspective of online reviews, most people do not know that this function exists, or more still worry about privacy.
Actually, there are more than one family who are so persistent in social interaction. In the Internet circle, especially those companies involved in the field of travel, "travel must be social" has become a necessary choice of product strategy. Internet Co's persistence in the social attributes of products is also very obvious.
The surface is to meet users' social needs, while active social scenes mean longer stay time for users and potential traffic entry. Companies can rely on interpersonal interaction to make more product design come true and create more business value.
Tool APP is not necessarily attractive to users when it comes to social networking. In fact, continuous subtraction to strengthen its core functions and services is respect for users, but also an important way to enhance user stickiness, access to more users and liquidation.
As a travel mobile service product under CAAC, the vertical and horizontal travel has natural advantages. It has been widely welcomed by users with services such as flight dynamic attention, on-line check-in seating, displaying history and future flight itineraries. If the pursuit of social attributes at the expense of some users' privacy will result in user churn, it will be more harm than good.
Travel provides a social scene, but security and privacy protection are the most important issues, otherwise it will bring trouble and even danger to users and themselves. Voyage frankly, the smooth operation of this function for more than a year made the team once think that the product has been perfect, and now realize that there is still a lot of work to optimize the iteration, to provide users with more efficient and convenient services. But dedicated, efficient and convenient is the user's greatest demand for travel APP.

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